• Woodland Recreation and Skills

        Binsted Woods is home to two organisations enabling people to safely enjoy and learn traditional archery, bushcraft and woodland skills.

        Forest Knights

        Forest Knights, led by Wayne Jones with regular courses and events in Binsted Woods near Foxes Cottages, specialises in teaching wilderness skills, and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural environment, to people of all abilities.  They put on courses in bow-making, bushcraft, first aid, winter survival, fire lighting, spoon carving, foraging, field archery and warrior arts, cooking in the wild, greenwood working, bodging and pole lathe construction.

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        Ratpack Field Archers

        Ratpack, chaired by Gary Snook, was formed in 2000 and is affiliated to the NFAS.  The club uses about 25 acres of Binsted Woods for field archery.  Thius sport was developed in the USA so that bowhunters could practise simulated hunting in the closed season.  They shoot at pictures of animals or homemade targets.  You go out on the course to the first target. The target has a number of pegs. Shoot from the first peg, if you miss the target you would move to the next peg and shoot again. When finished move to the next target. All targets are unmarked distances, so each shot is different. 

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