• Tortington Village

        Binsted's nearest neighbour to the east, across the watermeadows of the Tortington Rife, is Tortington Village.  Tortington is another historic and scattered but diverse rural residential and business community.  It formerly had a joint Parish Council with Binsted. Like Binsted it has a patchwork of arable and pasture fields, rifes (the local name for streams) with wet meadows, hedgerows and woodland; both are in the MAVES environmental survey and enhancement area. 

        Join Tortington Village's new facebook group, Tortington: Past and Present, where you can celebrate the beauty and tranquillity of this area by posting your photos and perceptions.

        Beautiful Tortington would be just as much threatened as Binsted, by any Binsted option for the Arundel bypass.  

        Tortington Common woodlander managers such as Noor Wood would be threatened by the old 1993 Preferred Route (formerly Pink/Blue), which the Roads Investment Strategy 1 said should be taken as the 'starting point' for Arundel Bypass discussions, although Alistair Darling had rejected it because of damage to the watermeadows.  Tortington Common is recovering Ancient Woodland and is part of the Binsted Woods Complex SNCI.

        July 2016 saw the launch of a new Tortington Local Community website, www.tortington.org.uk 

        Here are some photos we have been sent of lovely Tortington:



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