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      The Wishart family of Artists - an artistic dynasty
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      Other Artists
      Artists of Binsted Present

      Christopher Baker
      Gilly McCadden
      Lucy Fisher
      Matilda Tristram
      Daniel Shadbolt

      David Barber
      Esther Langrish

      Artists of Binsted Past

      Felicity Fisher
      W S Rogers
      Ralph Ellis
      Charlotte Read

      Medieval artists

      Artists of Binsted Present

      Christopher Baker works from a studio at Marsh Farm, Binsted, and has recently painted a series of 64 wide views of sky and landscape from the same point on the Trundle.    Some of his work can be seen on www.christopherwbaker.com.  One is an oil painting called ‘Autumn fields’:

      autumn fields by Christopher Baker

      Gilly McCadden lives in Binsted and works from a studio at Church Farm.   She makes screen prints and also works in watercolour.  One of her prints is reminiscent of the cow parsley in Binsted Lane every summer:

      cow parsley by Gilly Mccadden

      And here is a winter scene, evoking the hips of the wild roses that grow in our hedgerows:

      rose hips by Gilly McCadden

      Lucy Fisher has family in Binsted.  Her painting below captures some of the elusive qualities of Binsted Woods in autumn.

      Lucy Fisher painting of Binsted Woods

      Matilda Tristram grew up in Binsted, studied animation at the Royal College of Art, and works as a children’s writer, lecturer, illustrator and animator.

      Some of her work can be seen on www.mmaattiillddaa.com .  

      She has been published by Penguin and other imprints but her latest book is "Binsted - the Heart of our Horizon", on sale at the Binsted Strawberry Fair or email Emma Tristram.

      This comic strip vividly illustrates her sense of the place of Binsted and the threat of loss through a possible Arundel Bypass route.

      matilda binsted comic

      Daniel Shadbolt  is an artist trained at the Chelsea College of Art and Design 2000-2003, who does paintings drawings and portraits. A selection of his pictures and details of exhibitions can be found on www.danielshadbolt.com .  This picture is of the old Dutch Barn at Church Farm in Binsted, see also the Photography page on this site.  The person in the foreground may be John North, a long time farmworker living near the barn, who started his farm-working life with horses rather than tractors, and had his 90th birthday in 2015. Daniel has also painted portraits of two Binsted people.

      Dutch barn by Daniel Shadbolt

      David Barber has done beautiful drawings of trees in Binsted Park, and has had a long career as an artist whose work is well loved. The sketch of Binsted Church below was done as a gift on the spot to churchwarden Hubert Roberts when they fell into conversation together at the church one morning in the 1980s.



      Esther Langrish is an artist and calligrapher living in Walberton and recently painted this picture of Binsted church:

      Binsted church in snow by Esther Langrish

      Artists of Binsted Past


      Felicity Fisher 1922-2007, daughter of artist Peggy Sutton and god-daughter of artist Gladys Peto (whose work has now gone via Binsted to the archive at the University of Chichester), was a painter and wood engraver.  In the picture below she shows the fields east of Binsted Church and the Old Rectory, as seen on one of her early visits to Binsted, where members of her family still live.  


      W.S.Rogers is believed to have lived in Arundel working as a solicitor’s clerk, and drawing the countryside around Arundel in his spare time.  (Possibly 1873 - 1951.)   There are about 50 drawings he made of Binsted in the 1930s and 40s, amongst others, in the West Sussex Record Office.   This one shows the late 17th-century stable block at the old Binsted House, demolished in the 1950s; nicely picking out the Georgian added ‘dentil course’ of bricks under the roof as shown in the Victorian photo on the right.

      wsrogers binsted house stable blockbinsted house stable block vict photo

      Here is W S Rogers' drawing of Binsted Church with its weathercock that is our website logo:

      Binsted Church by WSRogers

      Ralph Ellis  (1885 - 1963) was a portrait and landscape artist living at 47 Maltravers Street Arundel.  He also painted many inn signs including the one at the Black Horse Binsted which sadly has been lost.  Click here to read an article by Jonathan Unitt "Ralph Gordon Ellis: An Arundel Artist at War" which covers some of his life story and his paintings in the trenches.  Here is a painting Ralph Ellis made of the old manor house, Binsted House, in 1946:

      Binsted House by Ralph Ellis 1946

      Charlotte Read lived at Binsted House (above) 1850-1943.  Among her paintings of Binsted is this one (below) of the Poorhouse north of the churchyard.  It was demolished about 1910, but the humps and bumps remain in the rough grass where it once stood. Members of the Read-Pethers family still live in Binsted.

      binsted poorhouse by Charlotte Read

      Medieval artists who painted murals in Binsted Church in the early 12th Century, may have been part of the 'Lewes Group' based at St Pancras' Priory Lewes, who are also thought to have painted the murals which do survive at nearby Hardham church, also at Coombes, Clayton and Plumpton.  Only one small painting survives, in a window, and this is what it looked like in 1888 before restoration.  The image on the left is  variously thought to represent the Trinity, a tree of life, or a three-thonged scourge; the figure on the right is variously thought to represent the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven, St Margaret of Scotland, or St Ambrose.

      Medieval wall painting in Binsted church

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