• A27 Arundel Bypass 'Magenta' threat to destroy Binsted


        Binsted village's residents and friends, and those of Tortington village too, are living under a cloud.  Highways England proposed, on 11 May 2018, as their Preferred Route, Option 5A for the A27 Arundel Bypass.  This route would destroy these ancient rural communities, and their beautiful landscapes, forever. In August 2019, Highways England, whilst keeping this Preferred Route in place, put out a Further Consultation on six routes.  One of these routes, Amber, is virtually the same as 5A.  Magenta is even worse for Binsted and Walberton, and Grey is worse for Walberton and Binsted.  Crimson is less damaging to the western villages but still awful for Tortington and the ecological severance would impact on Binsted's wildlife.

        ABNC websiteWe formed the Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee in the 1980s.  

        All the information about the threat we currently face, and the reasons why government should choose less destructive solutions, can be found on its website www.arundelbypass.co.uk.  

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        The map below shows the incredibly damaging Option 5A which was chosen by Highways England in 2017 as the Preferred Route following that year's poor-quality consultation.  Following Judicial Review, a Further Consultation on a new set of options - none of them environmentally responsible or sustainable - was carried out in August-October 2019: for details see www.arundelbypass.co.uk .  A new Preferred Route Announcement is expected in 2020. The villages will continue to fight Highways England's destructive proposals and to argue for a less damaging alternative.  

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        Letter to political representatives sent 19.12.2019 by 39 residents of the Binsted area