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        Many people from Binsted, Barnham, Yapton, Walberton, Tortington and Arundel and further afield, love to walk in Binsted.  You can easily walk to Binsted through National Park woodland from the historic town of Arundel.

        In the June 2017 Binsted Arts Festival, visitors were guided around a Binsted History Walk.  Connie Shirley of Worthing Archaeological Society has made this into a leaflet which you can follow on public footpaths:  Click Here to download it.  

        Some come all the way here on foot, some park by the church or the pub and waBinsted Wildflower Walkslk out from there into the countryside of Binsted, including that part of the parish which is now in the South Downs National Park - though the rest of our village and countryside is similarly appreciated.

        Part of the Feb 2016 Binsted Arts Festival was a Guided Walk through the Art and Literature of Binsted Woods.  You can enjoy this guided walk for yourself at any time: click here to download the illustrated Art & Literature Walk Leaflet

        In 2007 the residents and friends of Binsted in the Walberton Action Group produced a 'Binsted Wildflower Walk' booklet giving clues what flowers may be seen where, on a figure-of-eight walk starting from Binsted Church (or pub), in the course of the year.  Click on the Wildflower Walks map image to download the 4MB booklet as a pdf to read or for home printing.


        There are lots of other walks in, through and from Binsted.  In the future we will produce more guided walk pdfs for this website. This map shows the National Park and footpaths in purple.

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